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We're Huge in Japan

George Lucas-Approved?! The Force is With Us.

When #instacurity co-founder Samia was 5, she wanted to be a teacher. Fast-forward a few decades, and her work is now being used as an educational tool (so wait, does that mean she can add “teacher” to her resume?)

Honored to have the #instacurity PSA featured by Edutopia, one of the most popular sites for educators…

The Hustle and Bustle of Fame

We Made Upworthy!

Huge thanks to Rafael Casal AT Upworthy for featuring our PSA! With over 4 million fans on Facebook, Upworthy’s share definitely helped with our #instacurity… (and increased our PSA views 300% in just a few days!)

Im-press-ive Article

Does it still count as press coverage if you wrote the article yourself? (Um. Asking for a friend.)

Okay that’s a lie, I’m asking for myself. I don’t think there’s any rule against writing an article that subtly promotes your series, is there? Ironically, the article is called “3 Ways to Promote Your Webseries Through…

We’re Living in a Social Media Bubble

People aren’t the only ones that suffer from #instacurity. As this article from Bubble in the UK suggests, brands suffer too

It’s true. We all just want to be liked…(on the Internet.)



Good Morning America emailed us on Thursday. Yes, THAT Good Morning America. As in…the national morning news show. Why? They were doing a segment on a new study that has to do with photos and food, and well, turns out, they loved the “Instagramming Food” sketch, and wanted to feature a clip in…

International Love!

No, this update has nothing to do with the catchy dance tune by Pitbull and Chris Brown (though we’re thinking they’re both mega #instacurity sufferers. Because well, as the saying goes, “The more followers you have, the worse it gets.”)

Rather, thanks in large part to the both the Mashable and TIME articles, it seems like…

Yahoo…We’re on Yahoo!

Once again, I apologize for the punny title, but I just couldn’t help it. Thanks in large part to the Mashable article published Thursday, our  #instacurity cause is spreading across the globe. In fact, in a recent Twitter search, we discovered that Yahoo UK picked up the story, and it looks like it had…

It’s about….TIME

Sorry, I couldn’t help but make that pun in the title of this post…but real talk, humbly speaking, we were absolutely thrilled to discover that TIME Magazine had written a piece about the #instacurity movement for their tech section, and embedded the PSA.