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INSTACURITY: Couples Counseling

NEW VIDEO: Not all relationships are filled with kissy-faced “couple selfies”, engagement status updates, and lovey-dovey posts about roses delivered to your office.

WATCH as social media destroys relationships in #Instacurity: Couples Counseling.

Thanks to DeStorm Power, Crystal Marie Denha, Brandon Baker, Samia Khan, Christine Little, Erik Myers, and Rajiv Satyal for lending their acting skills,…

We’re Living in a Social Media Bubble

People aren’t the only ones that suffer from #instacurity. As this article from Bubble in the UK suggests, brands suffer too

It’s true. We all just want to be liked…(on the Internet.)



Good Morning America emailed us on Thursday. Yes, THAT Good Morning America. As in…the national morning news show. Why? They were doing a segment on a new study that has to do with photos and food, and well, turns out, they loved the “Instagramming Food” sketch, and wanted to feature a clip in…

International Love!

No, this update has nothing to do with the catchy dance tune by Pitbull and Chris Brown (though we’re thinking they’re both mega #instacurity sufferers. Because well, as the saying goes, “The more followers you have, the worse it gets.”)

Rather, thanks in large part to the both the Mashable and TIME articles, it seems like…