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We're Huge in Japan

George Lucas-Approved?! The Force is With Us.

When #instacurity co-founder Samia was 5, she wanted to be a teacher. Fast-forward a few decades, and her work is now being used as an educational tool (so wait, does that mean she can add “teacher” to her resume?)

Honored to have the #instacurity PSA featured by Edutopia, one of the most popular sites for educators…

The Hustle and Bustle of Fame


Everyone has done it, or at least wants to. This #instacurity sketch takes a look at what you may discover when you go through your significant other’s phone… (warning: what you see may haunt you.)

Starring: Jonny Loquasto and Samia Khan



It’s Thanksgiving. A time for friends, family, good food, and… excessively grateful status updates.

What are you grateful for?? Besides “likes”, of course.

Starring: Maronzio Vance, Amy Paffrath, Grant Cotter,  Samia Khan, Kara Connolly, Monrok,  Hasan Ali, and Amjad Ali.


Is your friend obsessed with social media? Having trouble figuring out which present he or she will like most? Watch the latest #instacurity sketch for the BEST gift idea.

SPECIAL THANKS to Issa Rae for being a part of this latest sketch! The #instacurity co-founders are HUGE fans, and are tremendously grateful for all of…

We Made Upworthy!

Huge thanks to Rafael Casal AT Upworthy for featuring our PSA! With over 4 million fans on Facebook, Upworthy’s share definitely helped with our #instacurity… (and increased our PSA views 300% in just a few days!)

Im-press-ive Article

Does it still count as press coverage if you wrote the article yourself? (Um. Asking for a friend.)

Okay that’s a lie, I’m asking for myself. I don’t think there’s any rule against writing an article that subtly promotes your series, is there? Ironically, the article is called “3 Ways to Promote Your Webseries Through…

INSTACURITY: Couples Counseling

NEW VIDEO: Not all relationships are filled with kissy-faced “couple selfies”, engagement status updates, and lovey-dovey posts about roses delivered to your office.

WATCH as social media destroys relationships in #Instacurity: Couples Counseling.

Thanks to DeStorm Power, Crystal Marie Denha, Brandon Baker, Samia Khan, Christine Little, Erik Myers, and Rajiv Satyal for lending their acting skills,…

We’re Living in a Social Media Bubble

People aren’t the only ones that suffer from #instacurity. As this article from Bubble in the UK suggests, brands suffer too

It’s true. We all just want to be liked…(on the Internet.)