InstaCurious (FAQ)

Who created this?

USC alums Samia Khan and Justin Gordon. They will hereby be referred to as the Instacurators of the site.

What actions qualify as #instacure?

See our Tumblr for all examples.

I saw someone being instacure with their Facebook status/tweet/Vine caption? How do I contribute to #instacurity?

We LOVE calling people out on their instacurities…feel free to submit your post suggestions on our Tumblr Submissions Page, or email us at

What actions qualify as #instacure?

See our Tumblr for all examples.

The quality of your videos are amazing! Who is the genius behind the lense?

Depends on the video. Both Abdullah Helwani and Ali Baluch have contributed as directors of #instacurity videos. 

What’s your ultimate goal with this website?

Honestly? We’ll know we’ve ‘made it’ when a rapper uses the term ‘instacure’ or ‘instacurity’ in a rap song…i.e.’Girl, you SO instacurr!’ A close second would be getting added to Merriam-Webster.

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