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Monthly archives: August, 2013

#Instacurity Team on HuffPost LIVE!

Did you catch Instacurity Co-Founders Samia Khan and Justin Gordon on HuffPost Live yesterday? The two, along with singer/songwriter Maria Z (star of the #instacurity parody of Ariana Grande’s “The Way”), joined host Nancy Redd to talk about the #instacurity epidemic.

If you didn’t catch it, don’t worry – we’ve embedded the segment below….

Does Ryan Seacrest Suffer from #Instacurity?!

We’re lovin’ all the love being shown toward our parody of Ariana Grande’s “The Way.” The latest supporter? RYAN SEACREST!  See the screenshots below!


Huffington Post Features #Instacurity

We all know teens are probably the #1 instacurity sufferers, so it’s no wonder the peeps at Huffington Post Teen found #instacurity’s parody of Ariana Grande’s “The Way” to be LOL hilarious and totally newsworthy.

Thx for the love, HuffPo!

#Instacurity Featured on Nickelodeon Italy?!

Instacurity goes international!

The good folks over at Nickelodeon Italy wrote up a nice article about the epidemic (or well, we hope it’s nice. It’s written in Italian and unfortunately, none of us know the language) and embedded the new Ariana Grande parody we just dropped.

Thanks Nickelodeon Italia!

Oh Yes We Did!! “Oh No They Didn’t” Blog Features #INSTACURITY

Yay! We just posted a new video today, and the Internet is already showing their support! The “Oh No They Didn’t” blog shared our new video parody of Ariana Grande’s “The Way” (not to brag but, some say our version is better than the original!)

Ariana Grande “The Way” Feat. Mac Miller (Official #INSTACURITY Parody)

We took one of the the most played songs of the summer by one of the most social media-savvy recording artists out there, and put our own “instacurity” spin on it!



“I love the way likes make me feel.”

THIS JUST IN: #Instacurity T-Shirts!

We have officially launched the Instacuri-TEE Store, with a LIMITED SUPPLY of #Instacurity T-Shirts. Get yours here!

Check This Out Right This Minute!

Shout-out to the nationally-syndicated show “Right This Minute” for being one of the first to feature the Instacurity PSA.

We now encourage you to disconnect from the Internet and put away your phone. Seriously. Like, right this minute.

New Website!

This is so exciting – we have a new website!

Instacurity: The Instagram Lunch

You know the type. If you’re not guilty, one of your friends probably is. Yes, we’re talking about the people that…POST PICTURES OF THEIR FOOD!