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Good Morning America emailed us on Thursday. Yes, THAT Good Morning America. As in…the national morning news show. Why? They were doing a segment on a new study that has to do with photos and food, and well, turns out, they loved the “Instagramming Food” sketch, and wanted to feature a clip in…

International Love!

No, this update has nothing to do with the catchy dance tune by Pitbull and Chris Brown (though we’re thinking they’re both mega #instacurity sufferers. Because well, as the saying goes, “The more followers you have, the worse it gets.”)

Rather, thanks in large part to the both the Mashable and TIME articles, it seems like…

Yahoo…We’re on Yahoo!

Once again, I apologize for the punny title, but I just couldn’t help it. Thanks in large part to the Mashable article published Thursday, our  #instacurity cause is spreading across the globe. In fact, in a recent Twitter search, we discovered that Yahoo UK picked up the story, and it looks like it had…

It’s about….TIME

Sorry, I couldn’t help but make that pun in the title of this post…but real talk, humbly speaking, we were absolutely thrilled to discover that TIME Magazine had written a piece about the #instacurity movement for their tech section, and embedded the PSA.

Mashable Feature on #Instacurity Movement!

Yes, we just made it onto Mashable! And no, it’s not just an article that casually mentions the word “instacurity” or just quickly features one video. Rather…it’s a full article about the whole #instacurity movement, how it started, and what our purpose is, with a couple videos embedded as well.




Mashable is to social media as…

Elite Daily features Instacurity PSA

Considered “the millennial’s HuffPo”, Elite Daily is the voice of Gen Y, meaning…most of it’s readers probably suffer from instacurity.

That being said, the good folks covering humor over at Elite Daily found our content amusing, and did a little write up on Instacurity while sharing our first video: the PSA.

You can read the article

#Instacurity Team on HuffPost LIVE!

Did you catch Instacurity Co-Founders Samia Khan and Justin Gordon on HuffPost Live yesterday? The two, along with singer/songwriter Maria Z (star of the #instacurity parody of Ariana Grande’s “The Way”), joined host Nancy Redd to talk about the #instacurity epidemic.

If you didn’t catch it, don’t worry – we’ve embedded the segment below….

Does Ryan Seacrest Suffer from #Instacurity?!

We’re lovin’ all the love being shown toward our parody of Ariana Grande’s “The Way.” The latest supporter? RYAN SEACREST!  See the screenshots below!


Huffington Post Features #Instacurity

We all know teens are probably the #1 instacurity sufferers, so it’s no wonder the peeps at Huffington Post Teen found #instacurity’s parody of Ariana Grande’s “The Way” to be LOL hilarious and totally newsworthy.

Thx for the love, HuffPo!

#Instacurity Featured on Nickelodeon Italy?!

Instacurity goes international!

The good folks over at Nickelodeon Italy wrote up a nice article about the epidemic (or well, we hope it’s nice. It’s written in Italian and unfortunately, none of us know the language) and embedded the new Ariana Grande parody we just dropped.

Thanks Nickelodeon Italia!