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It’s Thanksgiving. A time for friends, family, good food, and… excessively grateful status updates.

What are you grateful for?? Besides “likes”, of course.

Starring: Maronzio Vance, Amy Paffrath, Grant Cotter,  Samia Khan, Kara Connolly, Monrok,  Hasan Ali, and Amjad Ali.

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Is your friend obsessed with social media? Having trouble figuring out which present he or she will like most? Watch the latest #instacurity sketch for the BEST gift idea.

SPECIAL THANKS to Issa Rae for being a part of this latest sketch! The #instacurity co-founders are HUGE fans, and are tremendously grateful for all of…


We Made Upworthy!

Huge thanks to Rafael Casal AT Upworthy for featuring our PSA! With over 4 million fans on Facebook, Upworthy’s share definitely helped with our #instacurity… (and increased our PSA views 300% in just a few days!)





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Im-press-ive Article

Does it still count as press coverage if you wrote the article yourself? (Um. Asking for a friend.)

Okay that’s a lie, I’m asking for myself. I don’t think there’s any rule against writing an article that subtly promotes your series, is there? Ironically, the article is called “3 Ways to Promote Your Webseries Through…